Water Cycle

The Water Cycle -- This site provides information about the water cycle.
                             Text is written in an easy-to-read level and format.

Round & Round it Goes -- Students can read about the Water Cycle 

What is Water in the Air?

What is Water? 

What Does It Mean To Be Solid, Liquid, or Gas?


Freezing and Melting  --
from Science Netlinks 

The Water Cycle -- from Sci-ber text online textbook

States of Water

Water, Water, Everywhere

Here Comes the Sun!

Hit the Shower!

The Heat Is On!

The Condensed Version

It's Raining, it's Pouring!

Moving On

The Water Cycle Project

The Water Supply

Water Cycle Vocabulary that students should know and use, 

Heat Budget

Around the Water Cycle -- A Reader's Theater  --  This site provides a small reader's theater of the water cycle.

Water for Kids   --  This game from the EPA provides background information, activities, and experiments to help students learn about ground water and drinking water.  (Includes a Spanish link)

Water:  A Never Ending Story -- This is a teaching module that covers a 2-week period. Includes activities for each stage of the water cycle