Utah's Plants and Animals

Desert Animals -- at DesertUSA.com

2.  Utah’s Plants and Animals, from Sci-ber text online textbook

Utah's Physical Characteristics

Where In Utah Am I?

Do You Know What I Know?

Build It Yourself!

Do You Know Where I Live?

Change Is Good!

Let Me Tell You a Story!

Save Me!

Classifying Objects

The Scheme of Things

How Important Is That Beak?

Utah Mammals

Amphibians and Reptiles

Insect and Spider Differences

Plant and Animal Vocabulary that students should know and use

3.  Links to Utah animals at World Book encyclopedia:  Bobcat, Catbird, Catfish, Coyote, Duck, Fox, Grouse, Gull, Lizard, Moose

4.  Type in your animal's name at Wikipedia.org

5.  Type in your animal's name on the right hand side at Utah's Hogle Zoo.org

6.  Animals at eNature.com

7.  Animals -- at Sheppard Software.com

8.  Habitats/Biomes -- at Sheppard Software.com

9.  Rainforest Animals -- at Enchanted Learning.com

10.  Animals -- at Cybersleuth-kids.com

11.  For a list of mammals, scroll down to the bottom of the linked page and click on mammals.