The 50 States

1.   Learn about the States

2.   U. S. States at   Each state profile includes:  capital, population, history, economy, points of interest, famous natives, entrance into Union, state map & flag, state motto, symbols, nicknames, name origins, largest cities & county, land area, counties.

3.     U. S. States at; lots of info about every state.  Great resource for state report assignments. State flags, songs, symbols, fast facts and trivia, links to sites for teachers.

4.    Go to Pioneer Library, then click on Culturegrams.  Go to "states edition" for states, or to "kids edition" for foreign countries around the world.  Or you can click on "Famous People" to learn about important people.

Famous Places in America


5.    The White House

The White House at Enchanted Learning

The White House room, life, and history

The White House for kids

6.   The Capitol Building

Wikipedia about the U. S. Capitol Building

The Capitol Building for kids

Virtual Tour of The Capitol Building

7.   The Lincoln Memorial

Wikipedia about the Lincoln Memorial

Government page about Lincoln Memorial

8.   Thomas Jefferson Memorial

  Wikipedia about the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

  Pictures of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

9.   The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument at Enchanted Learning

10.   The Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History


11.  The Liberty Bell

12.  Independence Hall

13.  Betsy Ross House

14.  Valley Forge; go to Frequently Asked Questions


15.   Arlington National Cemetery

16.   Mount Vernon


17.  The Statue of Liberty

18.  Ellis Island

19.  Brooklyn Bridge

20.  Niagara Falls


21.  Mount Rushmore


22.   The Grand Canyon

      The Grand Canyon National Park

      The Geology of the Grand Canyon


23.  Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone webcams

Top Ten things to see in Yellowstone National Park


24.   The Alamo


25.   The Everglades


26.   Mount McKinley