Physical Sciences


1.   Electricity and Magnet

2.   The Electromagnetic Spectrum

3.   Lightning - negative charges

4.   Lightning - the big spark animation

5.   Lightning - static electricity animation

6.   Physics, 60 interactives for advanced students

7.   Physics, PBS Galileo Interactives

8.   Chem 4 Kids -– Matter

9.   Experiments from Try

A-Mazing Robots
Aluminum Boats
Animal Attraction
Breathing Yeasties
Build A Treetop Walkway
Build And Test A Paper Bridge
Catch the Wave!
Comet Cratering
DNA Detective
Eggs at Rest Stay at Rest
Exploring With Sound
Fork it Over
Got Gas
Gravity In Action

Hilarious Honker
Hit The Spot!
How Do Probes Get To Space
Kool Colors
Let It Roll
Loopy Geometry
Lung Capacity
Mummy Magic
Musical Coat Hangers
Mysterious Melodies
Oil Slick
Penny for your Thoughts
Pepper Scatter
Salt, Soil and Seeds
Save Your Skin
Say Cheese!
Scream for Ice Cream
Seafood Surgery
Shark Sense of Smell
Spaghetti Bridge
Speed, Eggs and Slam!
Stadium Seat Science
Stick to It!
Up And Over
Wave Machine
Wind Mapping with Bubbles
Wingin? It