Stories -- 1st Grade


1.  Online Jan Brett Book -- Hear Hedgie Loves to Read

2.  Online Jan Brett Book -- Hear Rattic in the Attic

3.  The Alphabet by Rolando Merino

4.  Animals You Can See at the Zoo by Rolando Merino, illustrated story with sound and animation

5.  The Bitaba Bird by Carol Moore, a blending of imagination with a science lesson

6.  Buzzy Bee by Carol Moore

7.  Buzzy Bee and Friends by Carol Moore

8.  Buzzy Bee’s Night Out by Carol Moore

9.  Buzzy Bee’s Picnic by Carol Moore

10.  The Counting Story by Rolando Merino

11.  The Farm Animals by Rolando Merino, an illustrated story of animal sounds

12.  Kitty Wants a Box by Carol Moore

13.  Ollie’s Jar by Carol Moore

14.  Pirate’s Treasure by Carol Moore

15.  Round Bird Can’t Fly by Lea McAndrews

16.  Sniffy and Fluffy Have an Adventure by Aimee Bruneau

17.  The Wiener Dog Magnet by Hayes Roberts

18.  Wolstencroft the Bear by Karen Lewis