Math -- 3rd Grade

Great Interactives from Rainforest Math

Great Math Activities from NumberNut

        1.  Multiplication Times Tables

        2.  A+ Math--flashcards, games, etc.

        3.  USU National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

4.  Money

5.  Counting Change (match picture & words)

6.  Spending Spree

7.  Time

            a.  Stop the Clock 1 - Telling time to 1/2 hour intervals.

            b.  Stop the Clock 2 - Telling time to 15 minute intervals.

            c.  Stop the Clock 3 - Telling time to 5 minute intervals.

            d.  Stop the Clock 4 - Telling time to the minute.

            e.  Stop the Clock 5 - Telling time to the minute.

            f.  Stop the Clock R - Matching times written in text to the graphic match.

            g.  Analog Clock - Telling time with the hands on a clock

            h.  Bang On Time - Helps student practice telling time.

            i.   Clock Program - Telling time with an analog or a digital clock