Brain Games

Spot the Differences

Letters and Words

Look Out BelowWhich small words can you make from the big word?

Jan Brett’s Hedgie’s Alphabet Game – match the words to the photos


Place the States 
(Don't do the other games at Ben's Guide)


Can You Fill ItFill a container from several smaller ones.  (Don't go to other places at the Cyberchase website.)


TangramsPlace the puzzle shapes in the right place to create a picture.

Nonogrampaint by numbers: Reveal a hidden picture by coloring the cells in the grid according to numbers given at the side of the grid.  Nonograms, also known as pixel puzzles or paint-by-number puzzles, are picture logic puzzles that originated in Japan in 1987.


Buy ItA money counting game with a little farmer.


Musical NotesListen to the musical notes and repeat them in the same order.


TimeMatch times shown on clocks with the times written in words.